Sebaik-baik Manusia

Kukesampingkan renda blus sehingga bahuku terungkap. Belum pernah sebelumnya aku keluar di tempat umum dengan bahu terungkap. Aku tak sabar mencicipi seperti apa rasanya. Bukankah kita harus menghadapi rasa takut demi memperoleh pengalaman baru?

Delapan Belas Tahun Kemudian

Esai ini merupakan bagian dari serangkaian yang ditugaskan oleh Pusat Australia-Indonesia—penulis dan komentator terkemuka dari Indonesia dan Australia memeriksa secara dekat masyarakat, budaya, dan situasi politik di negara masing-masing. Ketika diminta menyumbang esai untuk serial tersebut, langsung terpikir oleh Eliza untuk menyelusuri topik itu melalui tema trauma personal dan nasional, terutama tragedi Mei 1998.

Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Summit 2016

Eliza Vitri Handayani’s From Now On Everything Will Be Different is a taut and intense novel that depicts a moment in a society, and in two lives, when the hope that everything can be better is real, when it partly happens, a revolution experienced through the lens of a photographer, a young woman who, as author, offers us her own new writer’s voice. Handayani’s commitment as a writer is continuous with her work as a translator and also as an advocate for freedom of expression.

Eighteen Years Later

This essay is part of a series commissioned by the Australia-Indonesia Centre, with leading writers and commentators from Indonesia and Australia each looking closely at their own society, cultures and political situations. When asked to contribute an essay to the series, Eliza thought of exploring the subject of Indonesian identity through personal and national trauma—specifically the May 1998 tragedy.

Claiming Space

To censor is to say certain voices are not okay. When you don’t see people like yourself represented, you may feel isolated. That’s why intolerant groups must not be allowed to define what it means to be Indonesian. We owe it to ourselves to take care of our diversity—to realize a country where everyone can be true to themselves.

The Love Story of My Father and Me

A story about a girl who wants to grow into an independent woman, but her mother thinks a good woman is obedient and long-suffering, and her father takes advantage of such attitudes and exploits women who lead freer lifestyles. This is a story of the bond of family under the strain of abuse. This one’s for all the girls who’ve had to find their own way, alone.

Menulis tentang Trauma

Pada 30 April 2016 Eliza mengampu lokakarya menulis tentang pengalaman traumatis di toko buku Post, Pasar Santa, Jakarta.