Eighteen Years Later

This essay is part of a series commissioned by the Australia-Indonesia Centre, with leading writers and commentators from Indonesia and Australia each looking closely at their own society, cultures and political situations. When asked to contribute an essay to the series, Eliza thought of exploring the subject of Indonesian identity through personal and national trauma—specifically the May 1998 tragedy.

From Now on Everything will be Different (excerpt)

How was it possible that these people, after three decades of silence and obedience and fear, now found the courage to protest? These people were so used to submitting to fate. How had they decided that they could break the course of History? The protests impressed him profoundly as the first confirmation that one could indeed bring about change. He would never forget how, along with the sound of thousands of students marching, he had heard God lovingly whisper in his ear, ‘You too can change your life’s course.’

Sekarang Segalanya Berubah

Dari mana mereka, setelah tiga dekade bungkam dan patuh, kini mendapat nyali untuk protes? Orang-orang yang begitu biasa tunduk pada takdir, apa yang memberi mereka ilham untuk mengguncang sejarah? Rizky begitu terkesan karena itulah konfirmasi pertama yang diterimanya bahwa seseorang ternyata mampu mengarak perubahan. Ia takkan lupa saat ia mendengar bisikan Tuhan di sela derap langkah ribuan mahasiswa: ‘Kau pun dapat mengubah hidupmu.’