From Now On Everything Will Be Different

fnoewbd-cover-front-onlyAs democratic reforms swept Indonesia in the late nineties, the nation’s young generation asked themselves: what does it mean to be free?

Spanning fifteen years, this novel follows the struggles and hopes, loves and disappointments of two young Indonesians who came of age during the Reformasi. Following the entwined paths of Julita and Rizky as they struggle to break free from a pattern of repeated disappointments and define themselves, Handayani presents a portrait of the changing and complex reality of contemporary Indonesia, and of the younger generation born out of revolution.

From Now On Everything Will Be Different is a compelling study of freedom and love, community and conformity, told with humor, sensuality, and a subtly sharp political intelligence.


“This novel is a compelling read: the plot is unpredictable and the writing full of energy.” —Sydney Morning Herald

“Politics and romance are uneasy bedfellows, but Eliza Vitri Handayani combines them in a clear-eyed analysis of tradition and iconoclasm.” —Asia Literary Review

“A finely choreographed love story that shadows the larger changes and challenges of life in contemporary Indonesia. Sharply designed, intoxicating, reverberant.” —Nicholas Jose

From Now On Everything Will Be Different is not just a love story or a book about Indonesia, both elements seem tangential to a larger, more ambitious project. The characters are well-rounded and compelling figures.” —Tse Hao Guang

“An engagingly and sensitively written meditation on a relationship that borders on love. As democracy goes (or remains elusive), so does love. A solid read, a definite boost for contemporary Indonesian writing in English.” —Jose Dalisay Jr.

“The novel enters deeply inside the hearts and minds of its protagonists, and it explores moral issues more fearlessly than her compatriot writers usually do.” —Rochford Street Review


Published by Vagabond Press, Australia. 160 pp. ISBN 978-1-922181-47-3. Release date October 2015. 

To order please go to the publisher’s website or write to contact [at] vagabondpress [dot] net. Also available by these sellers: Blackwell’s, Waterstones, Barnes & NoblePowell’s, Amazon UK, Amazon US,, Book Depository,,,, and other bookstores.

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